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When I use to introduce myself as a wedding and family photographer, I never had to explain what that involved. But since pivoting, when I meet someone and tell them “I’m a brand photographer” there’s an inevitable head tilt as they struggle to figure out exactly what that means.


Brand photography as it is practiced today is a relatively new concept. It really only picked up speed a few years ago, as the social and online landscapes shifted to demand more and more visual content.


So, what is brand photography?

It is a branch of commercial photography focused on providing professional, cohesive imagery for entrepreneurs and business owners, visually telling the story of their product or services in order to connect with their target market.


In short, brand photography helps bridge the gap between a business owner’s intention for their brand and their audience’s perception of the brand.


Brand photography goes beyond a simple headshot or product photograph and presents a lifestyle.  We do this through a combination of portraits, process imagery (behind the scenes) and photographs depicting the client’s product or services.


So, why does every business need brand photography to not only support, but GROW their business?


You are your brand and connection is KEY

Your audience want to see the face behind the brand, get to know your personality and what you will bring to each business interaction. A branded photo will ultimately connect you to your ideal clients and identify your business.  Clients will choose you because they have built some type of trust with you.


Are you wasting hours looking for stock images?

A brand shoot means you get bespoke, made for you images that are for your brand only. Images that align with your business values, personality and will draw in your ideal clients.


Want to save time and feel amazing knowing your socials and website will look and feel consistent?

Once you have a library of images, you will be ahead of the game freeing up time for working with our clients, by scheduling across your socials months in advance. I see your eyes lighting up at the thought of months’ worth of content!


Do you want to be seen as a leader in your field?

Through your brand photography you’ll be able to demonstrate your unique skills and deeply connect with your community online. This is essentially what brand photography is all about, creating photographs that are going to attract, showcase and convert your ideal clients.


If you would like to explore a branding session for your business please get in contact.

coffs harbour personal branding photography
coffs harbour branding photography

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