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Hey Guys!

In today’s fast-paced digital market, fresh and original content isn’t just desired, it’s crucial. Customers are savvier than ever in looking for products and services that match their needs and solve their biggest problems. Think about the type of images you like to see when viewing a socials page, a print publication or website for something you are interested in. In a busy marketplace of products and services, customers desire to connect with a brand or service for it to win their business.


Integrating a professional branding photo session into your marketing budget might seem unnecessary, but when you see how much usage you get out of just one session, it really is a smart business investment.

So HOW can you use your brand images to grow your business, check out my top tips below…

·        Website - ditch the generic stock photos and have your handiwork displayed. Whether you provide products or services, no one else’s content or images will display the pride you take in your brand than custom photography. Be sure to add photos to your ‘about us’ page for potential customers to connect with you and your team.


·        Profile picture on social media - a professional headshot will elevate your brand like no selfie can. These photos label you as the expert and give people a positive impression about your overall brand.


·        Social media posts - by creating a variety of images at your branding session, you’ll have a great quantity of monthly content to post of your team, products, services and more.


·        Promotional videos - insert your branded photos and headshots into the intros & outros of your videos to reiterate your brand and keep your brand front of mind.


·        Email signature - a fresh headshot added to your email signature can turn an everyday communication into a great opportunity to catch people’s attention and create a connection.


·        Blog - you’ve invested time into writing exceptional blog content. Why not accompany this with tailored photography.


·        Business cards, printed brochures and marketing material - inform and attract customers with custom photos and professional headshots.


·        E-books - professional imagery assists in branding you as the expert in your field.


·        Local newspaper article - up your PR game and connect with your local community using images that help to keep your presence professional and consistent.


·        Newsletter - keep your customers informed and your brand front of mind with regular and consistent content.


·        Online course material - elevate your authority and command trust with polished visual course content.


·        Keynote presentations - use your branded photos in your keynote presentations to connect with your audience, keep them engaged and become known as the expert in your field.


·        Lead magnet / opt-in - attract customers and widen your database with unique branded lead magnets showcasing your products or service.

As you can see, with just one branding photoshoot, you can create content that you can use on many different platforms and in many different ways. With a curated library of custom images in your marketing collection, your visual communication will be engaging and consistent and you won’t be struggling to find suitable content again.

Featuring: Sharon from Sharon Joy Coaching and Joyous Journeys @sharonjoycoaching