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Hey Guys!

As a local branding photographer, I understand the importance of capturing stunning images that truly reflect your brand's essence. One key aspect that can make or break your branding photoshoot is the location. This month, I want to share my insights on selecting the perfect spot for your next photoshoot to ensure that your visuals exude the desired vibe and resonate with your target audience.


  • Reflect your brand's personality: Your chosen location should align with your brand's personality and values. Whether you're aiming for a vibrant and energetic ambiance or a more serene and sophisticated setting, your location should visually communicate your brand's story. For example, if you run an eco-friendly business, consider shooting in a lush park or sustainable architecture to emphasise your commitment to the environment.

  • Know your target audience: Understanding your target audience is vital when deciding on a location. Put yourself in their shoes and consider the type of environment they would relate to or be inspired by. If you cater to a young and trendy crowd, urban backdrops, vibrant city streets, or artsy neighbourhoods could be perfect choices. On the other hand, a more mature audience might appreciate the elegance and tranquillity of a classy hotel or a historic landmark.

  • Utilise your surroundings: Look for locations that offer diverse backdrops to add depth and versatility to your branding images. By choosing a spot with various visually appealing elements such as textured walls, scenic views, or unique architectural features, you can create a series of captivating images that tell a complete visual story of your brand.

  • Consider logistical factors: While the aesthetic appeal is essential, practicality should not be overlooked. Evaluate factors such as accessibility, parking availability, and permits required for shooting at certain locations. You don't want to waste valuable time and resources dealing with unexpected hurdles on the day of your photoshoot.

  • Showcase local flavour: As a local branding photographer, I believe in the power of supporting and showcasing local businesses and attractions. Consider featuring iconic landmarks, popular local spots, or hidden gems that embody the spirit of your community. This not only adds a touch of authenticity to your visuals but also strengthens your bond with the local audience.

  • Testimonials and recommendations: Don't hesitate to reach out to fellow entrepreneurs or other local photographers to gather insights and recommendations. They can provide valuable advice based on their personal experiences, helping you discover unique and inspiring locations that you might not have considered otherwise.


Remember, the right location can elevate your branding photoshoot from ordinary to extraordinary. It serves as the canvas upon which your brand comes to life visually, capturing the attention and imagination of your target audience. By keeping these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to selecting the perfect location that perfectly aligns with your brand's vision and identity.

Featuring: Alicia from @reelsocialhaus and Colleen from @capturelife_cl at the stunning location @tranquilobeachhouse.

Julia from @juliablairvbs and Leanne from @positivelifecoach at a beautifully styled house by @saltedgraceinteriors.