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What are some of the benefits of brand photography?



The most beneficial aspect of brand photography is the ability to show your audience what it looks and feels like to work with you. Brand photography truly embraces your brand story and showcases your personality. It goes beyond capturing a headshot and infuses YOU in the imagery. Brand photography captures candid moments such as gathering inspiration, meeting with clients or your creative process.



Brand recognition is very valuable because familiarity builds trust and credibility with potential customers. Ideally when your target customer comes across an advertisement or social media post of yours, you want them to instantly associate the photo to your brand. Brand photography allows you to stand out in your industry by incorporating what makes you unique in your imagery, which in return will promote brand recognition.



High quality photography is a must, but you also need to present cohesive images across all marketing platforms. Your branding should be seamless! Which means your website, social media, ads, press kits, print materials and any other marketing you do, should all match. Brand photography communicates professionalism and a well-established brand because it is authentic, recognisable, high in quality, but most of all the photos present a cohesive image and message.



Lastly brand photography has the ability to inspire your audience. The photography you use in your marketing is professional, but it also should present an image for your ideal customer to aspire to. They are hiring you to add value to their life or business, and if you are providing something that solves a problem you are making their life more beautiful and enjoyable. Make it easy for your customers to fall in love with your business by utilising exquisitely styled brand photography and show how your offering can allow them to live and work beautifully.


Someone who knows the value of branded content for business building is Alicia from Reel Social Haus. Alicia teaches businesses how to leverage short form videos on social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. Her ideal clients are local small businesses new to Instagram, who are time poor and completely overwhelmed by short form video (reels) and Instagram. Alicia joined me at one of my ‘MINI Branding Days’, a convenient way to create some new imagery in a hassle free, shorter and relaxed environment. Alicia walked away from our Mini session together with a gallery of images that she has now been utilising on her social accounts, in a variety of ways: posts, stories, reel covers.


If you are interested to learn more about how you can get ‘REEL Confident On Camera’, be sure to be following Alicia and I on socials for our next workshop, helping small business owners to create stills and short form video content for their businesses and learn how purposeful content can drive profits, with a strategy that is equal parts creative and strategic.

Featuring: Alicia from Reel Social Haus @reelsocialhaus.

Coffs Harbour branding photography
Coffs Harbour branding photography
Coffs Harbour branding photography
Coffs Harbour branding photography
Coffs Harbour branding photography
Coffs Harbour branding photography